About Us

And then, there was Puppylove BDA...

Puppy Love Bda was birthed from the heart of Angel Burgess for animal lovers like herself. She wanted to have a safe and secure way to source new fur babies for loving families back home in Bermuda.  Angel has now extended those services to local UK and international clients. The Puppy Love Team is small but mighty in regards to it's commitment to caring as much for animals as our prespective clients do. We want to assure our clients, that we have their puppy's best interest at heart and that their fur baby is in loving hands until it's in their loving arms. It's quite unfortunate, that many people don't have that same goal in mind when breeding puppies.

We pride ourselves in the lengths we go through to ensure that all our fur babies are happy and healthy and this comes from only dealing with reputable breeders.

Puppy Love Bda is a registered UK based, Bermuda owned business that specialises in pet sourcing and couriering. We aim to make the entire process stress-free for both our cuddly fur babies and our clients. Our admin team is there every step of the way from beginning to end, for information, queries and updates on all our fur babies. They keep in close contact with our breeders, and clients during the entire process and have built great relationships with many of them. This process has created a family with us, breeders and our clients whom all share the same love for pets.

We invite you, to be apart of our family, the Puppy Love Bda Family.

Contact our office for more information on how we can bring your family puppy love.