Tricray & Capri Astwood

This review is long overdue, but I wanted to ensure you were able to understand just how incredible PuppyLove BDA has been to us. We have been talking about getting a puppy for a few years now, and it never seemed like the right time to do so. I’m sure many of you can relate that the pandemic slowed a lot of us down, and therefore we decided that now was the perfect time for us to add a new fury family member. Hubby knew the breed I wanted wasn’t available for adoption locally, and also the US has certain laws/regulations that wouldn’t allow for us to receive our puppy at a young age... this is when we decided to check out PuppyLove BDA. We contacted PuppyLove through their contact form on their website, and within 48 hours we received a response from Jeannie and Angel to begin the search for our new puppy. They sent us a very detailed email outlining the process to finding and securing our puppy from start to finish, a mock invoice as well as available puppies based on the breed we requested- it was enough information to help us to plan and decide properly. Angel also gave us her number and we often communicated through WhatsApp, and she answered any and all of our “new puppy parent” questions we had. The next step was meeting our puppy for the first time. Angel put us in contact with our puppy’s Breeder, and we were able to have a FaceTime call where they showed us our puppy and we’re able to ask all necessary questions we needed. We fell soooo in love! After we agreed, PuppyLove BDA sent us a complete invoice including the cost of the puppy, airline tickets, care - everything! After we sent over our funds, we received a potential fly date and we literally just had to sit back and wait for our puppy to arrive and collect him at the airport. We often got photos and videos of our puppy along the way, and it kept us excited and able to learn his little personality before he arrived. Then, we were hit with a huge problem. My husband and I were quarantined the day before our puppy arrived... talk about devastated! We were looking forward to going to the airport with all of the other families and awaiting the arrival of our puppy. We began to get discouraged and even questioned if we were able to receive our pup due to our positive diagnosis. The wonderful vets at Bermuda Veterinary Services and our friend Khylah Rogers assured us that he was safe and even gave us tips to keep him safe during our quarantine. Angel assured us that it was fine and even had our puppy safely delivered to our doorstep, before curfew! Thanks Aunt Charlene! When I tell you we had the most comforting and professional experience working with PuppyLove BDA, it would be an understatement. They were amazing from beginning to end. I felt that they truly cared about the health and safety of our puppy, and ensured that we received him well. We are now puppy parents, and we are so grateful to our PuppyLove BDA family!

Doc Nieka

Thank you once again Puppylove Bda for connecting me with my lovable four legged companion. Im already desperately in love and it has only been 3 days! Thank you for answering all of my questions and being so accommodating! It was love at "fur"st sight and so far we are the perfect match! His temperament compliments mine so well and I already can not imagine life without him


Very positive review! . Yesterday we arrived on the BA flight with my 17 month old German shepherd. Puppylovebda absolutely brilliant!! I can't thank everyone involved enough. From starting the arrangements a month ago with jeannie, awesome lady!. She answered all my questions and totally sorted out all my worries. To the lady who picked him up from the hotel in heathrow. Again fantastic. To arriving at the airport and all the customs staff who waited for us, even though the flight was delayed 2 hours. Ms sylvia from customs and the gentleman who work there, sorry i didn't get your names. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. You are all fantastic!! My boy is healthy and happy. I am so relieved he was in such good hands. So if anyone is flying with a dog PUPPYLOVEBDA is the way to go!! Amazing and so caring. Thank you all so very very much.

Marlos Mom

Thank you so much

Charlie the Cavapoo

Thank you to PuppyLove Bermuda for making our experience with having our first ever fur baby amazing. From the day we committed to getting Charlie, PuppyLove was with us every step of the way, sending daily updates and pictures. Our family is complete and the best gift we could have asked for arrived just in time for the holidays!


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