Did you know they are known to rarely shed? They can't be out in the sun for too long, and are known to be incredibly clever, playful, and energetic! Almost 20 years ago, I made my 1st trip to Jamaica. As much as I loved the island it was heartbreaking seeing all the stray dogs. Some of them had broke bones, bad mange and others looked like they were starving to death. I couldn’t tell, how many times I have been to Jamaica in the last 20 years, but I do know each time, my passion to help these dogs has become a greater and greater passion. In April, my stepfather who was a Jamaican native, died unexpectedly. After returning to Jamaica for the funeral, my passion was burning even deeper, it was definitely my way of coping, *Passion through Pain*, I guess we can call it! It was then, I said the time is now! Let’s save some of these fur babies. After calls and road blocks, we have partnered with a small shelter in St Ann’s Bay, to save some of these babies. Dream it, Live it, is a shelter that has been unfortunately, hit hard by the pandemic, but we have jumped on broad and believe in the love and strength of the owner Gary. Gary is a certified veterinarian, that gives his all to these stray dogs. He has helped 100’s of dogs and even through his struggle, hasn’t given up. The Puppylove Bda team, along with Gary and his Jamaica team, have put their hearts and heads together to make these fur babies available to Bermuda and worldwide animals lovers. Our 1st goal, is to find 8 puppies a forever home! Mama, Princess, is currently doing her job but soon enough these babies will be ready for a forever loving home. If you are interested in one of these fur babies, please email us Be a part of this dream, be a part of greatness! Every dog deserves a home.